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People are starting to Register with the National Media Arts Association in larger volumes in comparison to standard agencies. Why?

The National Media Arts Association not only help you get ahead in your professional and personal life, but also teaches you a wide range of skills and improvement strategies.  Unlike the standardized agencies, the National Media Arts Association is a membership Organization that brings you in as a valued proud member, allowing opportunities to grow, get involved, be recognized, promoted in various markets.


 Being a member of the National Media Arts Association provides instant exposure to a vast network of media professionals, and opens the lines of communication with thousands of like-minded members. The National Media Arts Association stays busy throughout the year hosting many types of events such as casting calls, auditions, parties, modeling shows, power shoots, and live performance events for its Members.  In addition, board meetings, award shows, banquet’s, ceremonies, are held to honor NMAA Members.

The NMAA Website, which provides a talent gallery, talent calendar of events and opportunities, chat and administrative functions to facilitate and promote careers, and includes all products and services which is provided to you upon your Membership. The NMAA Calendar provides you with the details of all submissions events and casting inquiries made by you or on your behalf by one of our service representatives and talent advisors per your Membership.

Considering Joining?

Whether you are in College, currently enrolled into a Trade School or University, a recent Graduate, Freelancing, working professionally in the field already, or even running your own Business, being a member of a professional organization such as the National Media Arts Association will be a valuable platform and networking tool to make connections in the Industry, gain tremendous exposure, and provide opportunities to advance your skill sets in the Media Arts Industry.

The National Media Arts Association offers a wide-range of interesting programs, including:

  • Modeling
  • Personal Image Development
  • TV Commercial Acting
  • The Latest Runway Techniques
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Skin & Hair Care
  • Exercise & Nutrition
  • Successful Interviewing Techniques
  • Portfolio Development
  • How To Work With Photographers
  • The Business Side of Modeling

Most National Media Arts Associations members belongs to the nearest local chapter—the heart of NMAA networking and mentoring. If you’re not a member, simply contact one of our reps to find a nearby chapter and get acquainted!

The National Media Arts has a set of integrated organizational processes designed to Attract, Develop, Motivate, and Retain productive, engaged members. The goal of National Media Arts Association is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives. Get started today and benefit tremendously from being a active member.  So, if you are the Person, Group, or Team that would like to be a part of the production of Commercials or Ad Campaigns, then joining a professional organization such as the National Media Arts is a step in the right direction!


Becoming a Member

 How do I become a Member of National Media Arts Association? Join the Club:
Membership Process in a Nutshell.  To become a member, here are the steps you need to take.  Please note that there is no obligation to become a member, even after attending the classes.  You don’t have to make the decision until you feel fully comfortable with joining our family.
bluebutton01 Attend a Interest Meeting Orientation Social, where you meet existing members and are introduced to the Board of Directors, See Our Vision, and explore our Facilities.
bluebutton02 Attend the Membership Classes, where Leaders fully explains what it means to be a member and describes in more detail who we are, our core beliefs, and what we offer as a Organization.
bluebutton03 Attend an Interview. This consists of one or more Leads sitting down with you and having a friendly conversation with you about your goals and what you want to accomplish.
bluebutton04 Attend a Board Meeting, where you get welcomed into the NMAA Family and get assigned to a implementation group.  Details of this are covered during the Orientation.

                  Choose from one of our proud Membership Selections:



  •  Access to all Training, Meetings, Events
  • Free Campaign Consulting / Coaching
  • Product & Services Sales
  • Roll Call Candidate – Get Featured
  • Discounts on all Products & Services


  • $60 Membership Registration – 1 Time
  • $60 a Month to Maintain Membership
  • Membership Dues: 15th and 1st
  • Month to Month – No Contract Required
  • Must follow policies & guidelines

Membership Products/Service

  • $60 Membership Registration
  • T-Shirt & Membership Card Included

With the Free Listing Membership Package, like all other packages, you will have the option to get paid up to 20% from Referrals, Products and Services.




  • Access to all Training, Meetings, Events
  • Free Campaign Consulting / Coaching
  • Maximum Exposure / Online Promotions
  • Talent Enrollment: Get Booked & Listed
  • Discounts on all Products & Services


  • 1 Time $300 Membership Registration
  • $60 a Month to Maintain Membership
  • Membership Dues: 15th and 1st
  • Month to Month – No Contract Required
  • Must follow policies & guidelines

Membership Products/Service

  • $50 – Membership Registration
  • $150 – 1hr Unlimited Photoshoot/3 Edits
  • $100 – 1 Min Video Promo Shoot
  • T-Shirt & Membership Card Included




  • Access to all Training, Meetings, Events
  • Free Campaign Consulting / Coaching
  • Maximum Exposure / Online Promotions
  • Contractors Placement – Get Listed
  • Discounts on all Products & Services


  • 1 Time $500 Membership Registration
  • $60 a Month to Maintain Membership
  • Membership Dues: 15th and 1st
  • Month to Month – No Contract Required
  • Must follow policies & guidelines

 Membership Products/Service

  • $60 – Membership Registration
  • $50 – 500 Business Cards
  • $150 – 1hr Unlimited Photoshoot/4Edits
  • $100 – 1min Commercial Video
  • $150 – 1 X Banner 31 x 71/Graphics
  • T-Shirt & Membership Card Included


Becoming a Member in 3 easy steps.

  1. Select Register in the Banner or Select the Register Tab
  2. Complete the Registration Form
  3. Upload a Profile Picture and Start Networking
  • You can visit your local Hubs and Events and Pre Register for your Membership at the Member Services desk.  Come to our weekly events or visit and select Events and view the Flyer details or simply register today online.  All Memberships Fees are set at $60 a Month – Your Monthly Dues can be safely submitted using a Debit or Credit Card via Paypal.  Just call us at 678.994.8482 and we will send you an invoice for payment.  By maintaining your membership dues, it will keep your discounts going for all products and services as you need them. 

    Joining Online:

    • Simply click the Sign Up tab on the upper left-hand side of the banner on the home page to go through the online membership signup process and one of our Representatives will contact you within 24hrs of your submissions. 
      You will choose from one of our proud membership selections:
      •  Talent Member – Members that has talent, such as Artist, Models, Dj’s, Graphic Designers, Photographers/Videographers, Dancers, Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Clothing Designers, Promoters, Actors/Actress.
      •  Business PartnerMembers who have there own business who works with the National Media Arts Association as a Business Partner. 
      • Administrative Member – Members who are Accountants, Salesman, Office Managers/Personnel, Social Site Reps, Customers Service Reps..etc.
      • Collegiate Membership – Members that are actively enrolled in to a College or University.
      • Intern Membership – Members that wants to gain more working knowledge of how the Media Arts Industry Work and is willing to Volunteer at events and other Organization Activities.

    Get Started

    The National Media Arts Association welcomes you to enjoy the option of becoming a part of a National Organization of Music/Modeling and other various talents, with thriving Chapters near their home town and around the country. We represent some of the country’s top talent, working with nationally recognized and local clients in the music,fashion, film, culinary, television, print, runway and promotional industries.

    This Organization has the unique advantage of being able to service it members’ needs in multiple markets simultaneously. Graduates of certain programs are welcomed into their local agency and enjoy the unique benefit of being represented by this network. If a graduate transfers to another city that has a local Chapter, they will be accepted into that regional chapter as well. Talent that achieves success beyond their local market will have the advantage of working with directors, managers and casting directors throughout the world.

    For more information about these Membership types, feel free to give us call and talk with one of our home office representatives.  Then you will need to enter some basic information and submit for approval. It only takes a minute to register, your activation for your membership.  Simply select the image of the membership card and print it out.  You will then be able to use your membership card at any of our events, attend meetings, and much more.  Find members-only savings on all your photo needs

What’s Next?

accept  Have you attended our Events, Interest Meetings or Membership Classes and want to take the next step? Click here to request an Membership Interview.


Image result for files and documents icon
Applications, Forms & Certificates  – Please Open and Print

Below are links to important files and documents that will be required to be completed upon your arrival at our Auditions and for Membership Registration.  The Certificate is used for view only purposes.  You should also print out the Temporary Membership Pass (TMP) to attend one of our Events. Note: You will be denied Membership Discounts if you do not present your Press Pass at the admissions desk.  Please select the link that applies to you, print, and fill out the form till completion.

Start with focused Membership Options right here, and there’s no telling how far you’ll go in the many fields in Media Arts.

 Your journey at The National Media Arts Association starts with a talented faculty who will guide your working experiences and help you gain the exposure needed to move forward in your career and have something to show for it while your on your journey.  Here in our collaborative community, you’ll work hands-on with the hardware and software you’ll use as a design professional. It’s about becoming a creative problem-solver and creating exposure/opportunities for yourself, while being a positive role model in your communities as a NMAA Member.

Our members are always telling us how much they get out of our Open House*. So plan to get to our next event and find out for yourself what we’re all about. After all, it’s good to have a goal. But it’s better to achieve that goal. Complete the registration for membership, and when we talk, be sure to ask about the next Open House event near you.

Start Your Creative Journey Today and Represent the entire Community in Media Arts as a Member!

Are you ready to join our collaborative community? Are you ready to work hands-on with hardware and software to generate commercials, ad campaign, produce live events, modeling shows, magazines and much more as a Team!!!?


Where you’ll go from here?

Have you attended our Events, Interest Meetings or Membership Classes and want to take the next step? Click here to request an Membership Interview.  Creativity is more than just a word. It’s a challenge. An adventure. A way of life. And it isn’t for everyone.  But if you have the courage to get started and the persistence to go all the way, this is the place for you.

1) Membership Standard:  Actors, Models Dancers and Various Talents are who were after on a day to day bases.  As such, they must be spiritually and Mentally  prepared for the challenging field of 21st century media. On NMAA Bridge, Members are grounded in our standards and policies.  Members will be surrounded by our Talent Support Teams, which are senior Talent Members that are like-minded. 2) Talents Standard: We focus on increasing our Members wisdom and stature, to meet the goals of the NMAA.   We are here to shine as mainstream talented developers.  Were looking bring out polished performers for national-level work.  Members must learn the culture of entertainment to rise and shine for our Communities. Teams of excellent coaches, stylists and photographers help prepare them for success. On The Bridge, NMAA performers are lifted mentally and physically, to become stars in there Communities and Abroad: They will developed to become positive role models in a world that desperately needs them. The Bridge Training Program includes:

Access to Logins

  • A unique talent network, that focuses on development and preparation
  • Will work to fill the Web with over 250 articles, videos and photo tutorials divided into 4 Quarter out of a Year.
  • Cross training for marketability: versatility is the key to greater appeal
  • Style Training: raise your image to national level
  • Daily Observance: entertainment industry-focused
  • Regional and national casting notifications

Industry Prep:  Atlanta, GA

Note: Our Goal is to expand the same platform in other Regions across the country.

  • Train and Bond with like-minded Members: your Membership is vital to long-term success
  • Curriculum is industry-current and practical
  • IGNITE Orientation: jump start your training
  • LAUNCH Training Weekend(s): talent intensive(s)
  • Full Dress Rehearsal
  • NMAA Help Desk: Call or email if you need us
  • Human Services Team for additional support
  • Advice Team for marketing after SHINE

Industry Photo Shoot and Styling Session at NMAA Hub Studios

  • The SHINE photo shoot by NMAA Standards: national level photos land national level work
  • International photographers and a professional style team
  • Hair, makeup and wardrobe work together to create industry-ready photos and a SHINE-ready appearance
  • Production of a minimum 150 images; printed promos or headshots
  • Looks include Theatrical Headshots, Commercial Headshots, Fashion, Lifestyle, Character, Beauty and Fitness (2 included in package. Extra looks are available.)

Photographers Studio Rental include:

Membership rates will Apply

  • Digital Lighting Systems
  • Black & White Photo ready walls and Green Screen Wall
  • 5000sq ft. Studio Space
  • Custom Music to fit the Mood
  • Hollywood style Mirrors and Dressing Rooms
  • Ecliptic outside area for out of studio Shoots
  • Available onsite Stylist and Beauty Support

National Media Arts Casting

  • NMAA now serves as a casting source for not only casting directors, but also mainstream projects that we believe NMAA performers should consider.
  • In 2015 an official NMAA Casting website has been launched to help performers get the best opportunities and casting directors the right performers

Ongoing Support

  • Through its Hub cities, NMAA offers continuing Events, Performances and Programs to SHINE grads.
  • An NMAA follow-up team assists performers with opportunities and placement decisions after SHINE

 Questions & Answers

Q. Does it cost a lot of money to be a model?

A. As a model you are self-employed. You need your ‘tools of the trade': photographs, Comp cards, a portfolio, representation on an agency’s website etc. Agencies cannot pay for all of these things, in cases where they do and a model decides she doesn’t want to do it anymore an agency can be left with large bills from photographers and industry professionals. Most agents want to see models that believe in and is willing to invest in themselves. This proves that they are dedicated and has what it takes to make it in the modeling industry.

Q. Do you have to be tall to be a model?

A. Not exactly! If you see someone advertising for models and saying height is not important, don’t believe it: they are probably only after your money. Fashion models are tall but they are not the only type of models in the industry. There are lifestyle, commercial, promotional and even hair models. Models of course always have to be height and weight proportionate.

Q. Is there much work around for male models?

A. Male modeling has changed over the years. Now men are models in their own right rather than just being extras. It can be harder for the guys but look at an ad in a magazine, if you see a guy then there is still work for male models.

Q. Am I too old for this? Do I have to be a certain size?

A. No, there is a market for almost everyone! If you watch commercials or look in print ads you will see all kinds of people in a wide variety of ages; moms and dads to grandparents, teenagers and kids.

Q. What clients, casting directors and other industry professionals use About Faces?

A. About Faces Models and Talent maintains an interactive database of talent resumes, headshots and comp cards which is utilized by clients from across the country. Our database has hundreds of Models, Actors and Extras, each with their own profile that is shown exclusively to Hollywood and industry Casting directors. We make a dedicated effort to continually grow our list of clients and Featured Clients. Many names are not released at the request of the client but About Faces has had the opportunity to work with all major regular and cable networks, on dozens of feature and independent films, in fashion shows / weeks, print ads and commercials for several industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, videos by top pop, R&B and country artists and promotional events for awards shows, auto shows and more for over 30 years!

Q. What should I bring to an interview?

A. Just bring in yourself but, if you are under 18, you must bring at least one parent with you. If you have a comp card, headshot or portfolio, bring it with you. If not, it’s okay but we do request you bring at least one photo with you for the agency director to keep. Limit the guests. If you must bring support, no more than one person (unless both parents). Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork

Q. What should I wear to an evaluation?

A.  Form fitted clothing. Heels Hair down with little to no product No hats, bandannas, headbands, etc. Make-up should be light and natural For men Clothes that are not too loose or baggy Jeans and a polo or button-down is perfect No hats/No bandannas Little to no hair products

Q. What’s going to happen once I get there?

A. The Agency Director will briefly explain the industry, who we are, what we do and realistic expectations. She will conduct a short one-on-one to determine whether or not you will be a good fit. Any questions can be answered then. The process could last up to an hour so plan accordingly

Q. Can I bring a friend with me to the interview?

A. If your friend is also being interviewed, he or she will have to submit their information on our website and be scheduled as well. Interviews are by invitation only

Q. I cannot make it to my appointment. Can I reschedule?

A. Due to the amount of people we speak to daily, rescheduling an appointment can be a difficult process. We encourage you not to reschedule. In case of an emergency, you may call to see if any arrangements can be made.

Q. Can I use the portfolio/professional photos I have or do I have to have my pictures taken through an agency photographer?

A. If you already have professional photos, you are more than welcome to use them, however they must be recent and portray your current look If you do not have professional photos, we offer photo sessions to our talent with proven professional photographers. A photo from your camera phone or that mom took probably won’t do. Your photos are used in competition with models that have shot for teen vogue and Nike, a casting director will choose the model with a photo taken in a mirror. They want professional pictures and that is what they expect from agencies, that is why we expect it from you.


 Ready to get started?

accept Are you interested in signing up for membership classes?  Click here to register.