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The National Media Arts Association is the International Association of Media Professionals. NMAA accepts a variety of actors,designers, artists, Djs, models, dancers, stylist as well as other forms of talents and creative members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical design practices. The ultimate aim of the NMAA is to promote a series of good design, and promotional practices and principles nationwide in order to improve quality of life of media art professionals from across the nation. The NMAA annually organizes Fundraisers, Events, Open Houses, and Tradeshows to help meet the goals of the Members and the Organization. The platform initiatives provides major exposure and allows growth within and abroad throughout our communities….Its just apart of our Culture.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create a platform that provides news and featured stories about our Members to the public through various distribution outlets. Our Media outlets include events, social guides, magazines, internet radio, television/YouTube, and the Internet.  We are here to Cultivate, Inspire, and Memorialize the positive achievements of men and women that are NMAA Members who are making their mark in their professions, occupations, or in service to others as leaders and road models. Our Vision is to expand and create Membership Chapters and Promote our Talent and Signature events into the top 25 largest markets in America and continue to expand to include other organizations, minority groups and private organizations.

The National Media Arts Association is dedicated to recruiting, developing, implementing of commercials and Ad Campaigns for fundraisers in order to continue the growth of the Organizations awareness and membership base. Our goal is to get all talents and professionals registered as proud members, as well as create a vibrant community where decision makers and solution providers connect to solve their greatest workplace challenges.


At the National Media Arts Association, we’re constantly looking for new talented members and ways to improve our membership base and awareness in our communities. It’s just part of our culture. Learn how our collaborative team approach will create better opportunities for you by continuing to look through our website, attend one of our weekly events or join the action by becoming a member today!!!! TALENT The National Media Arts Association focus is to invest in there talent, enabling Members to express themselves through their actions and creating conditions for them to remain in the organisation, for them to set an example. At NMAA, we help our members to manage their most precious asset – their TALENT. The specialised teams at NMAA put their skills at the service of talent management: researching, recruiting, assessing and helping companies to retain their best and most highly qualified staff.  We do this because we believe that when working for a common objective, is what makes all the difference individually and collectively. The National Media Arts has a set of integrated organizational processes designed to Attract, Develop, Motivate, and Retain productive, engaged members. The goal of National Media Arts Association is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives. Get started today and benefit tremendously from being a active member.


Becoming a Member How do I become a Member of National Media Arts Association? Joining in-Club: • You can visit your local Hubs and Events and Pre Register for your Membership at the Member Services desk. Come to our weekly events or please visit www.nationalmediaarts.org and select Events and view the Flyer details or simply register today online. • Joining Online: ◦Simply click the Membership tab on the upper right-hand side of the sign-in page to go through the online membership signup process.

               Choose from one of our proud Membership Selections:


  • Talent Member – Are people of special Talent, such Models, Dancers, Artist.
  • Business Partner – Are established companies that works with NMAA.
  • Administrative Member – Members that is responsible for Sign In’s at Events.
  • Collegiate Membership – Member that are enrolled in College or a University.
  • Intern MembershipMembers that interested into gaining more experience.

  Taking you from a concept stage to market-ready professional.

  What You Can You Expect:

  • Meetings for Concept Development
  • Networking and Partying
  • Team Collaborations for Special Projects,Events and Performances
  • Photoshoots & Videoshoots
  • Career Growth & Advancement
  • Team Placement & Expansions
  • Training and Development
  • Public Relations and Promotion

The National Media Arts Leadership Development  is Designed to Drive Competitive Advantage

We invest our time into Performance, Leadership, and Development
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Drive a performance culture
  • Increase organizational agility
  • Improve the bottom line
  • Create and Maintain a Uplifting and Encouraging Environment

A few words about the Best and Brightest Program

Better Opportunities, Businesses,. Richer Lives. Stronger Communities.

The Best and Brightest programs make your company better. As a service organization the National Media Arts Associations ultimate goal is to provide its members and companies partners with valuable resources, benchmarked practices, tools and exposure that provide tangible financial value and performance to participants. By providing better resources and networks, we make the lives of our members and Business Partners richer and positively impact the community as a whole. This is what makes us different, we make you better exposing your accomplishments.

Our team is with you year round providing unlimited opportunities, tools, exposure, best practices, workshops, and webinars that educate you on what only the Best and Brightest are doing.

  Learn Even More in Detail…..

What is the National Media Arts Association ? When and why was it formed?

The National Media Arts Association (NMAA) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and promoter, publisher dedicated to being a resource for its Members, Business Partners, business executives, Journalist, educators and students, media mobiles, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the industry and how it can help enhance our communities across the nation using its Integrated Media Platform. Founded in 2014, NMAA takes no   institutional positions on matters of policy and has no affiliation with the U.S. government. It is designed to join forces with other media establishments, reporters, actors, musical artist, musicians, models, djs, promoters, photographers, directors, videographers and many more media professionals.   By coming together, the organization will be power Visit this page to learn more about NMAA.—www.nationalmediaarts.org

What does NMAA do?

NMAA’s main activities, as summarized in its Mission Statement, are

  • Maintaining a diverse membership, including special programs to promote interest and develop expertise in the next generation of industry professionals and leaders;
  • Convening meetings at its headquarters in Atlanta, GA and in Raleigh, NC and other cities where senior Board Members, Active Members, Directors, Publishers, and prominent thinkers come together with NMAA members to discuss and debate   major concerns and make important decisions on the direction of the organization and its members; supporting the development of the Integrated Media Platform Program that fosters independent growth and developments, enabling NMAA members to produce Magazines, Events/Shows, Ad Campaigns, and Development Programs and hold roundtables that analyze the organizations national contributions and make concrete policy recommendations for growth; producing Commercials, the preeminent magazine of the national agenda for the organization; sponsoring Independent Media Task Forces that produce reports with both findings and policy prescriptions on the most important caus; and providing up-to-date information and analysis about world events and American foreign policy on its website.

 What can be found on NMAA’s website, nationalmediaarts.org?

NMAA’s website is a nonpartisan source of analysis and context on international events and trends. Nationalmediaarts.org publishes backgrounders, interviews, “first-take” analysis, expert blogs, and multimedia offerings that include videos, commercials, interactive activities, and Training Programs. The site also presents the work of NMAA think tank, including applications, Certificates, Digital Press Passes, and Policies, as well as audio, video, and transcripts of NMAA events.

 How is NMAA managed? Who is in charge?

NMAA is incorporated under the influences of the Media Industries. Its Board of Directors provides overall direction, and Cedrick Pegues and Esaa Saggus, leads daily operations.  As the Organization continues to grow, other appointed members will be elected for the Board upon showing Grit, Enthusiasm, and Commitment.

 Who are the members of NMAA?

NMAA is first and foremost a membership organization. Aiming to obtain over 4,900 members per chapter, NMAA roster includes Directors, Photographers, business owner/leaders, Journalists, Dancers, and other distinguished nonprofit professionals. NMAA’s membership is divided almost equally among those living in Atlanta, GA, Raleigh, NC and across the country and abroad.

NMAA membership is composed of Members, Promoters and Business Owners. The Integrated Media Platform (IMP) Term Member Program, established to cultivate the next generation of Integrated Media Platform policy leaders, encourages promising young women and men from diverse backgrounds to engage in a sustained conversation on international affairs for Music, Modeling, Design, Dance, Video, Clothing Design, Beauty Specialist, and other Key Players.. Each year a new class of term members between the ages of thirty and thirty-six is elected to serve a five-year term. The official roster of NMAA members is listed on the website and in the annual report.

 How are individuals selected for membership?

Quality, diversity, and balance are the main objectives sought by NMAA in the composition of its membership. Criteria for membership include intellectual attainment and expertise; degree of experience, interest, and current involvement in a mixture of business, entertainment, political and economical affairs; promise of future achievement and service in public media relations; potential contributions to NMAA’s work; desire and ability to participate in NMAA activities; and standing among peers.

NMAA membership is not limited to or restricted to any U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States who have applied to become citizens. Candidates for term membership must be 15 to 60 of age on January 1 of the year of the application deadlines.

Candidates for membership must complete an membership application, write and present a 200 word Essay on why they would be a Asset to this Organization and be nominated in writing by one NMAA member and seconded by a minimum of three other individuals (maximum of four). Candidates for term membership must be nominated in writing by one NMAA member and seconded by a minimum of two other individuals (maximum of three).

What is NMAA’s Integrated Media Program?

NMAA’s Integrated Media Platform Program provides a forum for media mobiles, business leaders to the production of various advertising practices /interact with noted thinkers and practitioners in entertainment, policy, education, and business through invitations to exclusive events, direct engagement with NMAA experts, and access to NMAA’s members-only website and network. To find out if the NMAA Membership would benefit you or your company, contact the Corporate at corporate@nmaa.com or 404.994.8482.

What is a “NMAA meeting or event”?

NMAA holds various member events throughout the year that fall under the general rubric of “meetings, events, and parties.” Meetings usually feature panels of experts or single speakers with a moderator. Speakers engage in conversation with the moderator, or in some cases they may deliver a brief speech. Every meeting includes a question-and-answer session with the assembled audience. NMAA meetings typically last one hour. Other NMAA events include roundtables, symposia, workshops, and conference calls.

All other Events will be held at Night Venues, Art Centers and other places that we consider to be HUBS for our Member to gather for entertainment or educational purposes.   Various Auditions, Showcases, Modeling, Trade Shows will be also available to display excelling Talents.

How can I get access to NMAA meetings?

Only NMAA members and invited guests may attend meetings. Accredited media are invited to cover select on-the-record events. The proceedings of on-the-record NMAA meetings are available on nationalmediaarts.org as transcripts, webcasts, videos, and audio streams.

How is NMAA funded? NMAA’s annual operating revenue comes from the following sources:

  • 16% Gifts and Grants:
  • 12% Foundation Grants
  • 2% Corporate Grants
  • 30% Dues
  • 15% Fundraisers
  • 15% Membership Fees

How can I make a contribution to NMAA?

NMAA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and is publicly supported as described in 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. NMAA’s IRS identification number is 13-1628168. Contributions payable to NMAA are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.   For more information about ways you can support NMAA, please contact Public Relations at nmaa@gmail.com or 678.994.8482.

For more information about these Membership types, feel free to give us call and talk with one of our home office representatives.  Please refer to our Contact Page.

National Media Arts Association