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Committed to Continuing the Advancement in the Media Arts Industries.

The NATIONAL MEDIA ARTS ASSOCIATION provides members with a serious interest in Media Arts such as, Dance, Modeling, Clothing Design, Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist, Music Production, Live Performances, with concentrated instruction and training from professional talents.  Members will gain knowledge/experience and increase their skills through producing ad campaigns, producing commercials, as well as attending lectures, and meetings.  Members are to collaboratively present collective music and visual productions and art exhibition at the conclusion of the organizations overall message in order to bring tremendous exposure to sale various products and services on a Media Arts Platform.

Your Invited to Our Open House Fridays!!!!

Join us for our Open Houses that is held every Friday from 7pm-10pm and see what we’re all about.  You’ll have a chance to view our Photography Studio that is dedicated for our Chapter Members.    Visit Us: or Give Us a Call: 678.994.8482

What is the National Media Arts Association

It is similar to a fraternity or sorority, which is a group of men and women formed by a brotherhood and sisterhood connections, while working together and sharing common goals and aspirations who make a commitment to each other and the mission of the Organization for life. The members that form the chapter in the Organization share one big playing field in collaborative efforts to produce endless advertisements, commercials and various kinds of fundraising events, while establishing solid friendships and exchanging extensive life skills and knowledge.  We come together in One Unison, allowing our individual talents to collaborate, Add your very own Contribution to a Organization that is here to make a difference in our Communities across the Nation. One Chapter at a time, Learn More, Do More!!!! Join Today

The Premiere Networking Organization for Media Professionals

Welcome! Everyone needs a powerful network and platform to receive the proper exposure and recognition to advance their career. This is the home of many talents to exercise there skills while gaining the proper exposure to advance careers across the nation. The National Media Arts Association is very pleased to be able to share this “first glimpse” of the media arts platform, enabling resources, programs and exposure for each chapter across the U.S. By using new practices as an expressive artistic medium is a natural fit for our members.”  partnering of groups in order to achieve a common purpose or to engage in joint activity. Coalition building is the process by which parties (individuals, organizations, or nations) come together to form a coalition within the organization.  Its a part of our Cultural Standards which adds tremendous value and benefits.

 The National Media Arts Association is a Organization where artist, actors, singers, models, comedians, dancers and all types of performing artists can show the world their unique talent abilities through promotional events, ad campaigns and the production of commercials. We will be hosting various categorized events where you can display your work in states across the country.  Magazine Publications will be in circulation in every chapter, displaying the new/up and coming talents.  Don’t miss out on the action. Follow us on our Social Networks.  Simply upload videos and photos of yourself performing your unique talents and watch as your video is commented on and rated by other users and “the judges”. If you’re lucky enough, your video and photo submissions will win great prizes! The National Media Arts Association serves as a exclusive network for professionals for the purpose of Growth in our Communities. It’s an opportunity to network and be engaged, while working side by side with other successful people who are serious about their careers and achieving the highest levels of success. Each candidate is selected individually, giving you the opportunity to represent your industry & profession. Once listed you will be featured among thousands of accomplished professionals across the Nation.


…A new and growing organization that has been around for less than 2 years. Everyday, more people are learning about the exciting things that we have to offer.  Members join for different reasons, some are interested only in sharpening and or displaying there skills on a larger platform, while others with their eyes fixed on the distant hope of Stardom and the continuation of what they have started already. Some came to improve their self-confidence by gaining additional working experience and or gain more experience in what used to be called “the Social Graces”, and others that are already signed, but wanting to be involved and learn more about how media arts, music, modeling, video, photography, and commercial acting work. Others just want to be apart of the great culture in Media Arts that we are building across the nation.


 For a limited time only, we are accepting free Registrations for new Members. Join in On the Fun!… Don’t miss out on the wonderful Opportunities that are waiting for you!

Business Networking Events

Be featured in Videos and Commercials

Be featured in our Ad Campaigns and Live Show/Performances

 Discounted Services and Studio Rentals

Get Booked, Find Your Next Gig  and So Much More…

Our organizational standards are here affirm the place of media arts while ensuring growth and a balanced core foundation, supporting the 21st-century needs of our members, and help ensure that all members are career ready.  As a NMAA Members, becoming a successful artist, dancer, model or a respected actor is a combination of lots of hard work, long nights, patience, persistence, which leads to success in abundance. Here, you will train and work as teams to implement on special projects, simply adding more value and flexibility to each project or event.  As a member you will also learn that the Entertainment Industry is much larger than you as a individual.  We offer programs that proves the benefit of practicing group economics rather than practicing individualism. Given the right training and implementation projects, many satisfying opportunities and unique careers are accessible to you as a member.  Some of those opportunities are right in your own backyard.

Your NMAA Member helps you build the skills to be an effective leader.

Inspire trust and respect Motivate others Build high-performing teams Make informed decisions Understand, Empower and Influence People  Drive Change The National Media Arts Associates provides its members with the exposure, tools and insights you need to strengthen your leadership and skillsets. Effective leaders who can execute an organization’s strategy and increase the performance of those around them are vital to business success. Those future leaders can be found at all levels of the organization. As Members, we know that investing into ourselves and nurturing the next generation of leaders is critical to maintaining their competitive edge and sustaining long-term growth.

People are Curious Now!

The National Media Arts Association takes pride in developing its members mental mind sets for success.  We are providing you with Skills and Values that will follow you for the rest of your lives.  People are starting to ask what kind values are absorbed with their time? Who are the people who create this amazing medium that influences the world? Where do they get their values? Who, or what, influences them?   The Answer Is: The National Media Arts Association. Programs that are provided by the National Media Arts Association are designed to supplement your regular education experiences and acts as a extension to real world experiences while helping you develop a great deal of networking opportunities in your local region and nationally. Start with a proud growing Organization that stands with Pride, Dignity, and Grace.   Unleash Your Talents and Get Started Today!!!!

Take care of your business.  The NMAA will take care of your Membership Needs.  Register Today!

Welcome to the National Media Arts Association Membership Portal!
Register as a NMAA Member and join in on the fun and projects, start messaging other Members, from this site, Access your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and or Activate your very own Groups. Please note this is a new site. Sign up today as a Member and attend one of our Networking Events or Open House to learn more about the available resources that is here for you.


Our Core Values

Excellence: Strive to do our very best. Be accountable to the general public, our members, and to each other for everything we do. Commit to providing the highest quality service with excellence and consistency everywhere we operate. Integrity: Be honest and ethical in all of our business activities. Treat everyone with integrity, keeping our promises and learning from our mistakes. Have the courage to hold fast to our professional convictions. Teamwork: Communicate, cooperate and collaborate freely across organizational and territorial boundaries, and work as one team to fulfill our mission. Trust: Trust in our colleagues throughout the NMAA system and in ourselves. Say what we mean and mean what we say. Communicate with honesty and candor. Respect: Treat everyone with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. People are our fundamental asset. We will empower them to develop and use their talents and capabilities to the fullest.

 What’s the next steps after Auditions?

Step 1. Get informed. Refer to the website, social sites such as: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Talk with other potential Members on downtime or in meetings.

Step 2. Be available by phone. Callbacks are issued before 3pm the day following your audition.

Step 3. If you get a callback, you can hear audition results, ask questions, and schedule your registration, orientation and talent consultation.

Prior to your registration appointment, the following will be confirmed with you by phone:

A. You have to believe that you are called to the mission field of Media/Entertainment be will to sacrifice being around your immediate friends and your traditional lifestyles.

B. You are able to pay the full deposit of what package that fits you best. Please note that the deposits are required to gain access to Full Membership Benefits.  Any Membership Packages over $200, you will have the option to Pay your Registration Payment in the full, or pay 50% down and pay the final payment up to 2 weeks later.  Ounce your Membership is paid in full, you can then start receiving saving on additional products and services.

C. Must attend the Open Houses Events and be able to Fulfill your requirements of being a Talent and as a Member.  The more involved you are, more benefits and perks will take place.

What happens after I’m registered as a Member?

Once registered, Bridge Training begins with an IGNITE Training Session, conducted by NMAA talent consultants. Followed by:

• Daily Newsletters Updates on Social Hubs

• Attend Strategy Meetings,  Bridge Meetings and Building Sessions

• 2-day Promo Weekend(s): Must attend at least 1

• National-Level Photo Shoot & Styling Session

• Performance & Dress Rehearsal

• The Conferences, Open Houses, Shows, and Events • Get Advisory Support from Members the Membership Service Team.

 More Facts and Benefits

Why is the National Media Arts Association important?

Imagine a world without Movies, Plays, No Music, Clothing Designers, Dancers, and Entertainers…etc.  These examples enhances our experience of culture and our quality of life. We believe in creating a sense of awareness, pride in the living room of many and community identity. Our responsibility is to reach audiences outside museums, galleries and theatres. And they add meaning to the beauty of everyday life. Media Arts does many things: •    It enhances the visual quality to any environment •    It can create a sense of place, teambuilding and culture •    It engages civic dialogue and community •    It attracts attention and add economical benefits •    It connects members with communities and other media arts chapters. •    It enhances public appreciation of art, dance, music and other creative talents •    It can help visitors navigate a city and can generate cultural tourism •    It can create and strengthen neighborhood and community identity •    It can celebrate Fulton County’s unique character, history and diversity Why Should Fulton County Support the Arts? The arts contribute to the quality of life of our community; to the development of our children; and to the economic well-being of the County.

What Youth Arts Programs Do You Administer?

The Arts in education have a measurable impact in student performance. Students who participate in the arts have increased academic performance and decreased dropout rates. Bridge Training Programs. Bridge training programs help qualified internationally trained individuals move quickly into the labor market for the Organization Standards. They assess your existing skills and competencies, compared to Atlanta’s Contractors Expectations. Ignite Performance Training methodology used to prepare elite Talents for high performance environments.

What is Community and Neighborhood Development?

Neighborhood redevelopment and community building rely on the vital energy of the Arts. The Cities of Alpharetta, East Point and Roswell have completed the development and implementation of Community Cultural Plans through partnerships with the Fulton County Arts Council. These Community Cultural Plans make specific recommendations on strengthening the infrastructure for the arts and positively impacting the day-to-day lives of citizens in all three communities. Note:  The Purpose of becoming a Member is to take advantage of the Network, Benefits and the Exposure provided to you by the Organizations Annually Agenda.


If you have not yet registered, click SIGN UP on the lower left hand of the Header.
  • Registering as a Member  is made easy, affordable, trustworthy, and complete.
  • Create a Profile:  
  • Copy the link and paste it into a browser:
  • Stay In the Know:  Stay updated with discounts, Events, and Chat with other Members locally and across the Nation!              

Choose from one of our proud Membership Selections:




  • Access to all Training, Meetings, Events
  • Free Campaign Consulting / Coaching
  • Product & Services Sales
  • Roll Call Candidate – Get Featured
  • Discounts on all Products & Services


  • $60 Membership Registration – 1 Time
  • $60 a Month to Maintain Membership
  • Membership Dues: 15th and 1st
  • Month to Month – No Contract Required
  • Must follow policies & guidelines

Membership Products/Service


  • $60 Membership Registration
  • T-Shirt & Membership Card Included

With the Free Listing Membership Package, like all other packages, you will have the option to get paid up to 20% from Referrals, Products and Services.





  • Access to all Training, Meetings, Events
  • Free Campaign Consulting / Coaching
  • Maximum Exposure / Online Promotions
  • Talent Enrollment: Get Booked & Listed
  • Discounts on all Products & Services


  • 1 Time $300 Membership Registration
  • $60 a Month to Maintain Membership
  • Membership Dues: 15th and 1st
  • Month to Month – No Contract Required
  • Must follow policies & guidelines

Membership Products/Service

  • $50 – Membership Registration
  • $150 – 1hr Unlimited Photoshoot/3 Edits
  • $100 – 1 Min Video Promo Shoot
  • T-Shirt & Membership Card Included




  • Access to all Training, Meetings, Events
  • Free Campaign Consulting / Coaching
  • Maximum Exposure / Online Promotions
  • Contractors Placement – Get Listed
  • Discounts on all Products & Services


  • 1 Time $500 Membership Registration
  • $60 a Month to Maintain Membership
  • Membership Dues: 15th and 1st
  • Month to Month – No Contract Required
  • Must follow policies & guidelines

 Membership Products/Service

  • $60 – Membership Registration
  • $50 – 500 Business Cards
  • $150 – 1hr Unlimited Photoshoot/4Edits
  • $100 – 1min Commercial Video
  • $150 – 1 X Banner 31 x 71/Graphics
  • T-Shirt & Membership Card Included


  • Talent Member – Are people of special Talent, such Models, Dancers, Artist.
  • Business Partner – Are established companies that works with NMAA.
  • Administrative Member – Members that is responsible for Sign In’s at Events.
  • Collegiate Membership – Member that are enrolled in College or a University.
  • Intern MembershipMembers that interested into gaining more experience.

NMAA is the coalition of the National Media Arts organizers and media arts representatives developing the 2015 -2016 National Core Standards in dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts that are scheduled for release, starting in 2015/2016.

  678.994.8482 or 404.242.3392
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